Thank you for your interest in joining our steering committee for your state! It is through the commitment of advocates like you that make equal rights for victims possible. Marsy’s Law for All is dedicated to making sure that there are enforceable rights for victims who are all too often forgotten by the current system.

To date, Marsy’s Law has been successful in passing in 5 states and we are currently active in 10 states! As a steering committee member, your expertise and advice is an invaluable resource as we move to pass in other states. We can’t reach our goal of a U.S. Constitutional Amendment without the help of devoted members like you.

As a Marsy’s Law State Steering Committee member, you would agree to do four things:

1.     Publicly endorse Marsy’s Law for All.

2.     Stay informed on what we are doing with Marsy’s Law by agreeing to receive our national newsletter and participate in a short conference call four times a year to also hear of ways you can assist our effort.

3.     Serve as an ambassador for our cause and distribute brochures or email newsletters along to key community leaders and policy makers. Occastionaly be asked to meet or call someone on our behalf.

4.    In the future we would like to pursue a federal amendment and we can’t do that without you! We need your help to influence your U.S. Senate and House delegation to support equal rights for crime victims.

We would love for you to join this fight for equal rights for crime victims. Please fill out the form to be added to your state’s steering committee. Please also sign our online petition and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

Thank you for your consideration,

Erinn Mahathey

National Outreach Director

Marsy's Law for All